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Sex tips for first night

Tips for first night

1. Ambience Is The Key To First Night Sex
It is not mandatory that you will have sex on your first night! It may or may not happen. You should concentrate more on is to make your partner relaxed in your company and remove the feeling of nervousness between the two. It is natural that you both will be excited for your first night and hence the ambience is important. If you have taken a room at a motel that is heavily crowded the chance of you enjoy first night sex is very slim. Couples should be looking at taking a room at hotel that is secure and not too crowded so that they can just enjoy spending time together to build the base for first night sex.

2. Connect Emotionally With Wife For first Night Sex
Man is not supposed to initiate the first night sex by grabbing his girl and pushing her to bed. Instead he should make the atmosphere easy and setting a relaxed mood. You can crack few funny lines, but only if you have a good sense of humor. You can start by praising her beauty like her eyes, lips chin etc.(remember not her sexual parts).

3. Slow and steady will help you
It is very easy for couples to get excited about the prospect of having first night sex and they would be trying to finish it of quickly. The real answer is that to enjoy first night sex ,couples should be in slow mode process and should be enjoying each other taking time to understand each other body and reassure each other that they are getting aroused in each other’s presence.

4. Fill your room with fragrance and flowers
A good fragrance always gets you you in a good mood and can stimulate memories, emotions and moods. Research says scent's can soothe, relax, energize or arouse a person. If you're staying in a hotel room, arrange to have a bouquet of flowers put by the bed, as well as scented candles.

5. Set the night to music
Soft music with low volume always does the trick of making the atmosphere romantic. It could be a soft dance number, a romantic song you both like or anything.

6. Connect with your partner to have enjoyable First Night Sex
Get involved in chat with your partner, discuss about a topic in common or whateva it could be. But get connected with yur partner so she can have trust in you and will be more open relaxed for the night.

7. Will It Cause Pain For The First Time?
The common question that couples would be having is that whether sex would cause pain and the answer is that first sex can cause pain to woman and sometimes would lead to some bleeding by breaking of hymen. Husband should be ensuring that entering vagina should be done without thrusting too much and only after proper lubrication by good intense foreplay. Husband can resort to using artificial lubricant to relieve pain. Couples should not be concerned about premature ejaculation and not getting orgasm as this is first night sex.