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10 sex tips which every girl should know

10 sex tips which every girl should know

1. Know the position which pleases you the most
You must always try new things, or you can mix up experimentation and your comfort zone. You can add variety in your bedroom life, in many ways. But remember you must always know the position which will satisy you the most and will for sure give you an orgasm when you need one.

2. Understand that sex in a soft, clean, comfy bed is underrated
Men want to enjoy with you on the kitchen floor, in the shower, in the airplane bathroom or any different place. So be ready and have no shame to please them with your moves.

3. Your friends are not having better sexual experience that you
There is no "normal" amount we should all aspire to, no magic number of times per month that signifies your relationship is strong. There's only one question you need to answer — are you having enough sex for you?

4. Don't fake your noise
You may be a screamer, a squealer, a moaner or a chirper — whatever you are, be proud. Don't try to manipulate your voise just to please your partner and in the process you end up not expressing yourself. Remember expressing how you feel — in and out of the bedroom — is important.

5. It may not be great the first time
Remember you may not have the best experience the first time when you indulge in the activity, it doesn’t mean it will always be the same. Great sex takes practice — what are you waiting for? Start practicing now :P

6. Don't date a man who back enters without your permission!
The most important rule in any kind of intercourse is understanding and interest of both the members. So your guy is not supposed to enter your back directly without asking you or not taking into consideration your take on this!

7. You must masturbate
Studies have shown that women who masturbate regularly have better and fuller orgasms.
Masturbation doesn’t means you have to buy a vibrator, just deal things with your hands.

8. Don't gossip about your last night sex with your friends
You might think that discussing ever dirty instance with your friends will make your sex life better but in fact, it can make it feel less intimate. It’s fine to be brief, but let those special moments stay between the two of you.

9. Men don’t care that you’re not perfect, but they do care that you’re a sexual being
That roll in your stomach? Your thighs that aren’t perfect? That zit on your forehead? He’s not looking at any of it. He’s watching to see if you’re enjoying yourself.

10. Learn words which he wants to hear from you
Learn to be naugty and talk dirty with him. This surprise him and will be an additional tun-on for him.