Love Stories

Heart Broken girl finds true love

Here is mine and my boyfriends love story hope you enjoy. This is just a little something to prove to girls out there that there is someone special out there for everyone.

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cheating partner

A cheating partner is something we stress over. Not everybody cheats. Every now and then, these stresses are keeping you disturbed.

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I have some experience in the area of love in the digital age.

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secret love

I wrote this long time ago, say 8 months back, you can see the immaturity in every sentence of it.

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College Love Stories Chipake

Hi Guys!! I had completed my junior education and to complete my higher education i wanted to go for some foreign university like most of indian students.

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cousin marriage

Hi friends!! My name is Pankaj i leave in mumbai, India. Today i will tell you all the story how i met a girl in my friends wedding and my love story began.

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